One of the great unknowns about attending a training class or seminar is the competence of the instructor.  Many people know the material but that doesn't mean they can pass that knowledge on to others.  To that end we offer testimonials from students who have attended training classes presented by M.O.V. Training Services' instructor Vernon Petersen.  Some of these testimonials were taken from anonymous course evaluations completed by the students at the end of class, therefore some names are not available. Other testimonials have been received through e-mails, and the original e-mails are on file with M.O.V. Training Services.



Comment from a student in a Niagara 4 Certification class in Baltimore, MD:

Can't say it more than enough, but thank you for all your time and effort!!!, I learned a great deal and I consider it a win by making it through the week. Your training is superb and completely sound. I look forward to retaking the course at some point and would be extremely happy if you were the instructor.  In the interim, I will be gearing up by applying what I have learned in the class. I certainly hope that you are still training and I will request you specifically. Time is valuable and to that I say have a great trip home.  LOL! My hair may never grow back...


Comment from a student in a Niagara 4 Certification class in Birmingham, AL:


In 30+ years I have only had two other teachers that had a well laid out and taught class such as yours. For a newbie to Niagara the class was fast pace lots of information to absorb in a short period but you taught it well!


Comment from a long-time customer and sponsor of a recent Niagara 4 certification training class (3/2017):

On behalf of *** and my automation team we would like to say thank you once again for training our customers. You are and have been a huge asset to our company and our industry.


Comment from a student in a Niagara 4 Certification class in Dallas, TX (3/2017):

Vern, Station 9 here. I wanted to tell you thanks, I have a very hard time test taking but I believe you've taught me enough to get me through this. As you may know (or you've forgotten) I'm a recent plumber and just moved over to controls within the last 6 months. I hope I've gained enough knowledge to pass your VERY WELL designed course. Thanks again and I will be taking the time to do the survey for you as your an awesome teacher!


Comment from a student in a Niagara 4 Certification class in Atlanta, GA:

It’s been a couple weeks since the class and I wanted to reach out and tell you how pleased I was with the class. I also wanted to share my heartfelt thanks for your patience with me during the class. While concepts come easy to me, I’m dyslexic and reading is often a challenge that generates a lot of mistakes for me, and you kindly assisted me with every request.


Comment from a student in a Niagara 4 Certification class in Columbus, OH:

Thanks, Vern!!!   It was the best training class I’ve ever been in. Very thorough.



Comment from a student in a Niagara 4 Certification class in Chicago:

I think my score reflects your ability to present very technical content to a novice in a way that is easy to understand. I’m definitely looking forward to attending more of your courses once I get some field experience with what I’ve already learned.




Comment from a student in a Niagara 4 Certification class in North Carolina:

The class was awesome as I really enjoyed the week of instruction. You are a fantastic teacher!




Comment from a student in a Niagara 4 Certification class in Texas:

Thanks for all the help you gave.  I liked very much the way you presented all the material through the use of your laptops.  I was able to follow along as you presented the material which was much easier than looking across the room at a screen.  Of the 20 plus years in the HVAC business, you are by far the best instructor that I have had.  With this certification I hope to expand our controls division.



Comment from a student in a Niagara AX Certification class in Texas:

I very much enjoyed the class and will make sure to send as many people your way as possible for training. Some of the extras you went over in class will be massive time savers for me and I greatly appreciate it! Thank you again for teaching and I hope to see you in a future class.



Comment from a student in a class in Boston held at Control Consultants:

I just finished the Niagara class last week. I just wanted to take the time to thank you. For hosting this certification class. I know a lot of preparation from all of you went into this. It was engaging and supporting. Vern is a great teacher. His knowledge in the Niagara platform is immense. I will be advising my friends and fellow co-workers to take this class the next time it is available. Please add me to the list up further upcoming events.



Comment from a recent Niagara AX Certification Training class in Hartfor, CT:


Hey Vern, good evening. I want to thank you for your help. If it wasnt for your help, I never would have passed (the certification test). I look forward attending more of your training courses in the future. This was the best and the most intense training course I have attended yet. But you explained everything in concise, easy to understand segments. You're awesome and thank you again.


Comment from a recent Niagara AX Certification Training class in Milwaukee, WI:

Thank you Vern, I'm very happy and relieved to hear the results. I really enjoyed your class. It has helped me a lot. Since taking your class I've been able to work on my own without support. I knew very little about Niagara before taking your class and now I can help support the branch with little to no support from others


Comment from a recent Niagara AX Certification Training class in Minneapolis, MN:

First of all I want to THANK YOU!  The class was superb.  I was very pleased with the pace of the class and the presentation.  Having us locked out of the computer while going over the material is an excellent choice.  That way we could not work ahead and it kept our focus.  It also helped me to take good notes.  I was very anxious at first because everyone said the training comprised of a lot of challenging material. Your instruction helped alleviate all of that.  Once again thank you and I look forward to taking another class with you!



Comment from a recent Niagara AX Certification Training class in Atlanta, GA:
  I wanted to take a moment to compliment your AX certification class held at Stromquist in Atlanta. The unique twist of using presentation software on all of the laptops instead of a projector was really awesome. In a typical training class, I'll ignore the lecture and slides, work ahead, get myself into trouble, and play solitaire. Instead, you locked me out of the computer for my own good, demonstrated on the actual software instead of powerpoint slides, and used a drawing program instead of a dirty whiteboard with dried out markers. I saw more, learned more, and goofed off less.
   I also wanted to compliment you on the class book. The information and layout of the book is just more useful than any book I've gotten from a controls class in the past. This is not only an authoritative text for a week, but will be useful in the field for jobs to come. Simply put, the book alone was worth the price of admission.
   It was evident that you enjoy the material and enjoy teaching it. Tridium has an excellent ambassador in M.O.V. Training.

Comment from a recent Niagara AX Certification Training class in Seattle, WA:  I really enjoyed you as an instructor and was telling ***** on our way home last night that this class was the best lead class I have ever been in out of all my 20 + years working for ******.  I know you didn’t have us answer a survey after class but your grade from me as the instructor is A++++.


Comment from a recent Niagara AX Certification Training class: I believe my score is a testament to your abilities as an instructor.  You essentially took me from 0 to 95 in seven days as I had no background with the platform.  I will forward the Level II class information to my boss, and will try to attend when you are in the area. I appreciate all of your help during the course, look forward to attending your courses in the future and will recommend your classes to my peers.


Commect from a recent class in Boston, MA: I just wanted to extend a sincere thank-you to you and your course. It was very precise and to the point, it answered all the questions I had about using AX.  I feel that in the week I spent in Boston was well worth the cost and will benefit me and my company greatly. I already have a background using AX and R2 but this course has expanded my knowledge and now I feel that I can be a more productive and larger asset to my company.  Just wanted to give you a little feedback and let you know that your course has excellent structure to it and I would look forward to attending another of your training seminars.


Comment from a recent Niagara AX Certification Training class in Seattle, WA:  Thanks again for a fantastic class, I would give you a ten out of ten for content, presentation, and delivery.


Comment from a recent Niagara AX Certification Training class:  I took your Niagara AX Certification class in Denver. It was a great class, I have been through at least 10 classes from several manufactures in my career. I have to say (yours) was the best. To have an automation class with live controllers and live software go so well says a lot about the trainer. It was an excellent class, I would recommend it to anyone.



Comment from a recent Niagara AX Certification class:

I just wanted to pass along to anyone thinking of taking a Niagara AX Certification course, that Vern has to be the most knowledgeable instructor that I have ever been in class with, he teaches with a manner that keeps your attention,and imparts his knowledge upon you, although having,"brain drain", at the end of the day, I still wanted to learn more.
I would highly recommend Vern as an instructor. Win, lose or draw as far as the test goes, it was by far the best week of instruction I have ever had.


Comment from a recent Niagara AX Certification class student in Clearwater, FL, January, 2013:

Thank you so very much! Your skills as an instructor and your class format are exceptional. I must reemphasize that the cost of the course was returned the first couple of hours in class. The value I received from that week will benefit (my employer) for untold years. No telling the financial return for myself because if your instruction.



Comment for a student of several recent classes: Being owner/operator of a mechanical service company who wanted to venture into the world of HVAC controls, I value my time spent away from the office and strongly evaluate the programs I choose to attend. Now having spent time in three of Vern’s classes learning different levels of Niagara and Honeywell Spyder programming, I can say it was time truly well spent. Vern was able to convey information to the class in manageable bits so that AHA moments happened throughout the class. By the end of each class, I felt as though I had enough new information to try out in the real world to better my craft. I recommend any of Vern’s classes for owners like me or key representatives you employ.


Comment from Niagara AX Certification class in Buffalo, NY, April, 2013: Great class! Took two classes on Tridium / Niagara from Johnson Controls and they didn't come close to what I learned here.



Comment from student in a recent Niagara AX Certification class in Minnesota:  I was really impressed by your teaching style. Your enthusiasm and positive attitude during the class made me feel as if it's your first time to teach it. This is a unique skill that a very few people have. Thank you again for everything!


Comment from recent AX Certification class in Minnesota: the quality of the presentation was exactly what I expected from a seasoned veteran trainer. You do a wonderful job!


Comments from students in a recent Niagara AX Certification class in Denver, CO: Thanks,  your class was by far the most well-organized and well presented of all the classes I've taken over the years.


Comment from a student in a recent Niagara AX Certification class in Columbus, OH (January, 2013): Thanks for everything you did last week. It was one of the best class experiences I have ever had. I look forward to taking more of your classes in the future


Comments from students in a recent Niagara AX Certification class in Kansas City, KS: Thanks Vern. You provided a great experience and I think your approach is perfect. I did better than I expected but I know I can take what you taught me and apply it with confidence. I look forward to taking part 2 after I have some months of experience. Thanks again for one of the most comprehensive training classes I have had in my time in Controls.


Thanks a lot Vern. The class was excellent. As soon as I got back to my office I shared the custom palette we created in class with my coworkers. That little dandy alone was worth the cost of admission!



Student comment from a recent Niagara AX Certification class:

Thanks Vern, Pat yourself on the back……..If you can teach me you can teach anyone! I really enjoyed your class. You do a great job presenting the material so that it is not only interesting but can be understood by people with little or no experience with the product!


Comment for a Niagara AX Certification training class in Philadelphia, PA, 6/2012:

I wanted to personally thank you for the extra time you took to help me get my brain around certain aspects of Niagara. Your class was terrific, informative and I enjoyed your teaching style very much. I was told that you were the  best at this and you delivered upon that!  Just thought you should have that feedback. I will most certainly be looking into future classes that you will be teaching at Broudy’s and look forward to seeing you again sometime. Once again, thank you for all you’ve done to make this certification possible for me.


Comment from Niagara AX Certification training class in Atlanta, GA, 4/2012:

  • Vern,
    Thanks for the quick turn around on the test. The week of instruction was extremely well planned, executed, and informative. You have a great gift for instruction and seem to really enjoy seeing "the light go on" in others. Thanks again.


Comment from a recent AX Certification class in Fort Worth, TX: Thank you so much for the wonderful learning experience in the NiagaraAX Certification Class. You are clearly an excellent educator who also has the technical “chops” to make the learning experience practical and pragmatic.


You are a great Instructor and I have enjoyed your training classes immensely. Please keep me up to date (on your schedule) as I would greatly prefer to attend your classes above any other I have ever attended.


Comment from a recent AX Certification class in Phoenix, AZ: Thanks Vern for all your patience and insight into this program. This is my second class with you and both have been fantastic.

Comments from AX Certification Training class in Dallas, TX, October, 2010: Thanks Vernon, you did a great job teaching the class. I have attended many, many training sessions throughout my career  and would have to vote yours as #1. Your preparation, equipment, lab exercises, presentation, and professionalism were all very good! Plus you’re a pretty neat guy.


Comment from recent AX certification training class in Phoenix, AZ: Thanks Vern.  You are a fantastic teacher.  That was a tough training class but you made it pretty easy to understand.

Comment from recent AX certification training class: Thanks again for a GREAT class. I really appreciated how you taught the class and helped me along the way. I really feel as though I have gained long term knowledge and am looking forward to putting my skills to work…


Comments from WEBs II class in New Jersey, 7/2007:  "Most classes are taught by an instructor that knows a lesson plan. Vern knows the lesson plan because he wrote it! He can easily veer right off course to answer any question that arises. If an oddball question comes up that he, or anyone else in the room can't answer, he has the contacts to get that answer by the next break. Vern doesn't teach a course designed to sell product. Vern teaches a course designed to use a product efficiently and practically. When I see V. Petersen on a course, I know it's worth attending."


Comments from a class in Nashville:  Vern,  Just wanted to drop a quick line to say thank you for the training class you performed in Nashville, TN, 27 through 30 October 2003. It was the best organized and executed training class that I have been privileged to attend in the last 16 years I have been involved in this business. We felt it was well worth the time and money to get us off to a good start with the Honeywell controls you covered.

Customer comments from class, May 2006: I generally have trouble following instructions:) But, it's also real hard today to find good instructions! And, it's equally difficult these days to find instructors this well-versed in the "Art of Explaining". After your class, all those CARE cartoons, lines and buttons suddenly made sense! Congratulations on a superb, well-done job. Sincerely, I was actually saying to myself, "Man, this guy (you) really picks his words and expressions with precision". "He knows what we'll potentially find difficult, or misunderstand, so he's deliberately {slowing down or repeating or questioning, etc.}". By the way, I liked the way your humor kept my brains sedated and unaware they were being packed:)

Thank you Vern.  I really enjoyed your class, and I was especially impressed with the networked PC approach that you used as a training medium.  It was extremely effective.


Student comment from a recent AX Certification Training class: You are the best technical trainer in our industry...I know...I have been through so many...including many bad ones.


Student comment from a recent AX Certification class: Too much fun!!! Thanks again for a great training experience.


Student comment from a recent AX Certification class: I really enjoyed your class, and I was especially impressed with the networked PC approach that you used as a training medium.  It was extremely effective.

Student comment after a recent AX Certification Training class: Thanks so much for an excellent class. I enjoyed the class and feel I learned a ton of stuff to apply to (our) projects

Student comment after a recent AX Certification Training class: I  wanted to thank you for a great week of training.  Even though I often struggled to keep up with the material and the pace from time to time, I learned so much during the training this past week.

Student comment after a recent AX Certification Training class: Thank You again for your class. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and learned quite a bit. You were very thorough, patient, clear, and precise in communicating and explaining the material we covered and the entire Tridium, Niagara world.  For a long time I was very hesitate about taking this course, but I’m glad that I was “thrown” into it.


This Letter was sent to H&BC Training Services Management:

            I am Writing you in reference to the class on package air conditioning I attended in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. This class ran June 6 - 8. Vern Petersen taught the class. I've been in the HVAC profession for around eight years and I have attended other classes during that time. Usually the instructors lull me to sleep, talk down to the mechanics or simply don't seem to care whether the lessons and information is passed on or not. From day one minute one Mr. Petersen made the course an informative, enjoyable and interesting one. Much of the information was a very much needed refresher, sort of a relearning experience, the rest was total learning. I feel more confident going back to work at Fort Bragg. Mr. Petersen made the mechanics feel comfortable. He never seemed to be some engineer who had never been in the field. He seemed more like a fellow mechanic with the knowledge to share. Many of the mechanics that attended the class felt the same way I do. All the comments about Mr. Petersen were positive. One of the mechanics in my group attempted to "trip" Mr. Petersen with a few off the wall questions, just to "feel him out." At the end of the first day, this person was the first to say "Vern really knows his stuff." My compliments to Mr. Petersen, and my thanks for sending him. The knowledge I've gained and re-gained is much needed  and will be put to good use right away. ...Mr. Petersen is one of the best instructors I've learned from.......H.W., Fort Bragg, NC.


I feel as though my goals were met. The instructor was motivated and very knowledgeable and Friendly......Student, Hayward, CA


The class was well organized and very helpful. Outstanding class and instructor......Student, Hayward, Ca.


(Answer to "What was most helpful in the class" on evaluation)  The knowledge of the instructor to answer all questions presented to him by a wide range of students.....student, McLean, VA.


(Answer to "What was most helpful in the class" on evaluation) The course itself and it's content were very helpful and appropriate. I feel as though my goals were met. The instructor was motivated and very knowledgeable and friendly!.....student, McLean, VA.


The instructor is great in application and conveying the information to the end user. (The instructor) assisted us with an actual job-site project.....Student, McLean, VA.


The instructor control knowledge...outstanding,  software - hardware knowledge....outstanding,  his presentation was outstanding. (This) made the training very enjoyable...Thanks!....Student...McLean, VA.


(Vern is) one of the most knowledgeable instructors I've seen, very well organized (and) answered questions very professionally.... (the class was) really interesting and related to (my) field......Student, Orlando, FL.


Vern Petersen is an exceptional teacher and I enjoyed this class because of his exceptional teaching skills. The Zone Manager* and Excel 10* relationship and programming will be useful to me.....Student, Birmingham, AL.


This course (Excel CARE*) was excellent....I fully enjoyed the   course and (I) am looking forward to future classes.....Student, Seattle, WA


The "hands-on" (labs) directly following Vern's explanation of a process was most excellent!.....Student, Seattle, WA


Explaining of concepts was professional and easily understood.....Student, Salt Lake City, UT.


Class and instructor were very helpful. I am excited to get home and put into practice the things I have learned.....Student, Salt Lake City, UT.


Vern is an exceptional instructor who knows the CARE programming of Honeywell systems. His delivery of the course materiel is done very good for the (allotted) time. Thank you for covering areas that were not mentioned in the manuals......Student, Seattle, WA


The labs were particularly helpful.........Student,    San Francisco


The projects (labs) were helpful in learning during class and pertained to our actual applications.......Student,  New York


The course and instructor exceeded my expectations........Student,   Philadelphia


It was refreshing to go to a class as beneficial as this.   Vern obviously is well oriented to the product. .... Student, MD


This Letter was sent to H&BC Training Services Management:

           During the week of June 17 - 21 I attended five one day courses at Honeywell in Minneapolis.  The instructors for these courses were Vern Petersen and (names withheld as the other instructors have left Honeywell).  I would like to express my appreciation to these instructors and everyone else at the Honeywell facility ..... for the information, attention and hospitality I received during this week.    I say without reservation (that) this was the most informative and in-depth period of instruction I have ever attended.  (Your) organization and these instructors are to be commended.  Their patience, knowledge of subject and ability to communicate are impressive.  I went there with questions and returned with answers.   As foreman of the Instrument Control Shop here at ********, I look forward with confidence to sending more of my people to your training courses.  .......R.D.,   OK

The teacher was great.  He has the knowledge of the system.   Vern has a great way of teaching the subject.  The course was of value to all of us.  Thanks!.....Student,  MN


The instructor Vern did a great job of presenting a difficult subject. ......Student, MD


I found this course a great help! ......Student,    MD


Vern is a very competent instructor!.........Student,   Denver


Very informative, and taught us that classes CAN be fun!.......Student, TN


One of the best taught classes I have ever attended, (I) would like to take more classes......Student,   TN