This class is designed for the technician who will be:


  • Designing a WEBs system; choosing controllers, designing the system architecture
  • Installing the Niagara 4 / WEBs program on a PC
  • Programming the JACE / WEBs controllers
  • Configuring the Application Specific XL10 controllers
  • Configuring the Application Specific Styker controllers
  • Configuring and programming the Spyder controller
  • Integrating XL500 / XL800 / XL50 controllers to Niagara AX (done in class as needed, may be skipped based on students in the class)
  • Integration of LCBS / E-Vision Lon Networks to the Niagara 4 / WEBs system
  • Setting up Alarms, Trends and Schedules for the control system


This class is designed for the tech who has attended the Niagara 4 Certification class and has earned an N4 certification!



Level 2 WEBs class outline

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4

Review of class lab specification

Loading and Registering WEBs on a PC

Loading the WEBs Wizards

Creating a Station in WEBs

Creating and Editing a Lon Network in WEBS

Configuring a CVAHU XL10 Controller

Replicating  a Controller

Configuring a VAV XL10 Controller




Configuring the Spyder Controller

- Vav control sequences

- Discharge Air Temperature Control with Setpoint Reset

- Enthalpy Economizer Operation

- Discharge Air Temperature Low Limit

- Using the Venom / Honeywell Apps

Programming the JACE Controller:

- Reading from an XL10 / XL50-XL500-XL800

- Writing to an XL10 / XL50-XL500

Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch

Creating an XL10 Controller in WEBS

Configuring a CVAHU XL10 Controller

Working with the Stryker controller


Configuring Communication between XL10 / Stryker controllers



- Dual Pump Lead / Lag, with Alarm Generation and Lag Pump Startup on Lead Failure

- Switching Lead Pump based on Calendar and Runtime


Configuring Schedules /Assigning schedules to XL10 Controllers

Configuring Alarms and Alarm Handling


Note: This outline reflects a rough time frame of the class presentation. All subjects will be covered, but the actual day / time of the presentation may vary from this outline.


This class is scheduled in these locations:


  • Not scheduled at this time