Niagara 4 / Niagara AX Operator Training

The Niagara 4 / Niagara AX Operator Training class is designed for people who have the Niagara AX and / or Niagara 4 System installed in their facility. The class guides the student through the use of the Niagara Station, with information on working with Histories (trends), alarms, reports, point access, creating / modifying PX Views (graphics), working with schedules, etc. (see class outkine below) The class also provides information to the customer that allows them to become more aware of the capabilities of the Niagara System, with the intention that the customer can talk from a more knowledgeable position with the contractor installing and / or servicing the system in their building


This class is approximately 2 1/2 days long!!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3 (not a full day, 1/2 day)

  • Niagara AX system architecture
    • Niagara System architecture
    • Stations, basic concepts and tools
      • Stations running on JACEs
      • Supervisor Stations
    • Platforms, basic concepts and tools
    • Understanding licensing concepts


  • Accessing the station using a Web Browser
  • Accessing the station through the Workbench tool
  • Embedded Workbench
  • Working with Schedules
    • Boolean, Enum, Numeric and String schedules
    • Calendar schedules


  • Working with Histories
    • Adding and configuring history extensions
    • History Extension Manager
    • History naming conventions, b-Format texting
    • Displaying history charts
    • Converting History Chart to a PX View (graphic)
    • Displaying history tables
    • Exporting history data to .doc, .csv, .pdf and .txt formats



  • Understanding Supervisor Stations
    • Point proxying to a Supervisor Station
    • Point organization
    • Copying Histories to a Supervisor Station
    • Sending Alarms to a Supervisor Station
    • Global Schedules
    • Provisioning Niagara (automatic back of stations running on JACEs)


  • PX Views (Graphics)
    • Creating a PX view
    • Modifying a PX View


  • Working with Reports
    • Creating a Report PX view
    • Automatic Report Generation
  • Niagara 4 Features
    • NEQL Searchs
    • Hierarchies
    • Roles
    • HTML5
    • Meta Data tagging




  • Network integrations
    • Understanding the basics of network integrations
    • Lon Network integrations
    • BACnet network integrations


  • Using the station as a programmable controller
    • Using NDIO / NRIO modules
    • Using points from other network integrations


  • Viewing Alarms
    • Adding and configuring Alarm Extensions
      • Boolean Change of State Alarm
      • Numeric Out of Range Alarm
      • Loop Alarm (sensor / setpoint deviation) Alarm
      • Runtime Service alarm
      • Command Failure Alarm
      • B-Format Texting
    • Alarm Service
    • E-mailing Alarms
    • Sorting alarms by operator


  • Operator Configuration and Station Security
    • Creating Security Categories
    • Assigning Station Components to Security Categories
    • Creating Users
      • Assigning permissions to users
      • Other operator configuration settings
      • Web Profiles
    • NAV Files



Class ends approx. 12:00 pm

Note: This outline reflects a rough time frame of the class presentation. All subjects will be covered, but the actual day / time of the presentation may vary from this outline.




(This class is 2 1/2 days long)

  • Minneapolis, MN: June 15 - 17, 2020 Sponsored by M.O.V. Training Services LLC  This is an On-line training class!    Online class information
  • Minneapolis, MN: August 17 - 19, 2020 Sponsored by M.O.V. Training Services LLC