Spyder 2 day LON training outline

The 2 Day LON Spyder Training class uses this class outline



Day 1 Day 2
Spyder controller basics:
  • Models available
    • Standard Spyder
    • Spyder Micro
    • VAV and Unitary models
    • LON and BACnet Models

 Configuring the Spyder Controller

  • Space Temperature Control using a VAV Spyder (Pressure dependent box w/ reheat)
  • Basic ZIO wall module configuration and operation
  • Creating Proxied Points


Discharge Air Temperature Control with Setpoint Reset
  • Damper minimum position
  • Closing the damper on a Freeze Stat alarm
  • Discharge Air Temperature Low Limit


Scheduling a Spyder controller

  • Spyder internal schedules

  • Using a Niagara schedule for a Spyder

  • Using a Spyder schedule as a failsafe schedule







Downloading a Spyder Controller

  • Commissioning / downloading / binding the controller
  • Monitoring Spyder Points
  • Setting the controller clock
  • Diagnosing controller points
  • Setting sensor offsets


Discharge Air Temperature Control with Setpoint Reset

  • Enthalpy Economizer Operation

  • Sequencing heating / economizer / cooling processes

  • Resetting the DAT setpoint from Terminal Load

  • Manual DAT Setpoint override



Network communication

Communicating with XL10 controllers

- Dual Pump Lead / Lag, with Alarm Generation and Lag Pump Startup on Lead Failure

- Switching Lead Pump based on Calendar and Runtime





This class is scheduled in the locations on these dates:



  • Instructor-led Online class:, August 26 - 27, 2020: Class sponsored by M.O.V. Training Services LLC