About the instructor

Vernon Petersen is the president of M.O.V. Training Services. He is also the instructor for all in-person and online classes sponsored by M.O.V. Training Services and for the ASD sponsored classes listed on this web site.
  Vern Petersen started working with Honeywell Inc.'s Home and Building Control Training Services (H&BCTS) in August of 1984 (Wow! That's 38 + years ago!!). When Vern started with Honeywell Inc., he was a full time employee teaching pneumatic controls and mechanical systems to building operating engineers and the contractors who build and maintain these systems and controls.  In 1986 Vern started working as a contract instructor for Honeywell ACS Global Training Services teaching the same classes he had taught as a full time employee.  This included classes on pneumatic controls, electric and electronic controls, reciprocating cooling systems, centrifugal chillers, absorber chillers, all types of airhandlers, air balancing, boiler operation and maintenance, burner controls and boiler efficiency.  Vern has taught classes to refrigeration technicians, preparing them for the Refrigeration Certification exam, and proctored the test (with higher passing rates than the national average Vern adds!) Vern teaches classes all over the United States and occasionally in Canada.  Past class locations include government military installations, universities (including Yale), auto assembly plants, RSES groups, Canadian military bases, community colleges, technical colleges, Honeywell branch offices and at Honeywell Inc.'s  ACS Global Training Services training facility.  Starteing in 1997, Vern has taught classes on Honeywell's EXCEL 5000 and LCBS System product lines of controllers, and the associated software programs, including SymmetrE, CARE, LonSpec, LonStation, RapidZone, WebVision and the Honeywell Classic Spyder controller. Vern is an Authorized Training Provider for Honeywell's XL5000 and LCBS systems. Vern has also acted as Honeywell's Industry Representative on pneumatic controls at the annual United Association union training session in Ann Arbor MI. Since April of 2020, Vern has been offering all training classes as virtual / online classes. As of this update, 3/1/2022, Vern has completed 68 virtual training classes, mostly Niagara 4 Certification classes. 
  In January 2006, Vern approached Tridium about becoming part of the Tridium's Technical Certification Program. It took Vern 11 months to convince them to allow him to become part of the Tridium training family, but persistence paid off. Vern taught his first Niagara AX Certification Training class in January of 2007. In 
September 2015, Vern taught the first Niagara 4 Certification Training class anywhere in the world.  Since January, 2007, Vern has helped over 3500 students earn their Niagara AX and now Niagara 4 Certification. Vern is now also offering the Level II (Advanced) Niagara 4 Certification Training class. 

   Vern is the proud father of a 27 year old son named Jeremy. Jeremy is a graduate of the University of Minnesota. As part of his education, Jeremy spent 10 months in Oslo, Norway where he attended the University of Oslo. While there, he traveled all over Europe. Jeremy is continuing his education in languages, earning certifications for teaching English as a second lanuage (ESL) with the intention of traveling internationally to teach English. He is currently working as a student teacher at a high school in Phoenix, AZ.

 Jeremy has a younger brother named Nicholas (23 years old). Also an excellent student, Nick is fond of playing video games and Warhammer. Nick is working as a first year electrian's apprentice for Apollo Electric.

 Both boys are great brothers to their younger sister Elanor (18 years old). Elanor is attending Hamline University in St. Paul, MN with the goal of working in sports medicine.

  Vern also has been involved in wax sculpture since 1977.  In his spare time, Vern creates his wax sculptures to sell in his shop at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. If you're interested, take a peak at a candle! In the remaining spare time Vern has, he enjoys working on and driving his restored 1957 and 1970 Corvettes!                Updated: 9/25/2023