Class tuition

Class Title Class is this many days Class Tuition
Niagara4 Level I Certification Training (TCP) 5 Days $2,900
Niagara4 Level II (Advanced) Certification Training 5 Days $3,100
Niagara4 Operator Training 2.5 Days $1,300
2 Day Classic Spyder Training 2 Days $1,075
Level II WEBs Training 4 Days $2,200


 PLEASE NOTE!!!! These tuition costs represent the tuition charged by M.O.V. Training Services for classes sponsored by M.O.V. Training Services. Many of the classes that are offered here in our schedule are sponsored by Honeywell / Vykon / Distec ASDs (Authorized Systems Distributors) or other individual entities. For these sponsored classes, the tuition is set by the class sponsor, and may be different than the fees shown here. If you register for a Sponsored class, the class sponsor will handle all class logistics. You will make tuition payments directly to the class sponsor, NOT M.O.V. Training Services!