Level II (Advanced) Niagara4 CertificationTraining



Level II (Advanced) Niagara 4 Certification Training class outline. PLEASE NOTE! This class is still currently under development, and the class content will probably change a little bit over time. The outline below will very closely represent the actual class content, but some topics may change. 



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Intro / Overview


Niagara Object
Model / BAJA Docs



Data Modeling



Commission JACE 8000


JACE Metrics and


Cyber Security and Application Hardening

Export Tagging Intro


Joining Stations


System History Tags



Schedule Export Tags

Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch  

Program Service


Batch Editor



History Tools
(Groups / Nav Shortcuts)


Series Transforms


Report Service

History Groups

Niagara Network –
Station to Station (Fox)


Proxy Points


Alarm Routing


History Import


Graphics / Includes

Point / PX View Tags


Niagara Provisioning


Written Test



PLEASE NOTE: There is an enforced pre-requisite to attend this class. You MUST be Niagara 4 Certified at Level I before you can attend this Level II class. We will verify certification with Tridium when you register for the class. Additionally, we strongly suggest that you have a good working knowledge of Niagara 4



PLEASE NOTE: The certification training classes offered by M.O.V. Training Services are fast paced, intensive training classes on a sophisticated software program. These classes ARE NOT classes on how to use Microsoft Windows. Students who register for these classes are expected to have at least basic skills on a Windows 7 or newer computer (note, Windows 7 is used on the computers you will use in the classroom). If you don't know the difference between a right and left mouse click, these classes are not for you. You are informed here that the class WILL NOT slow down to accommodate students who can't navigate file paths or perform other basic Windows computer functions. No refund of tuition will be made to students who don't heed this information.



Niagara 4 Level II (Advanced) Certification Training schedule:

  • Dallas, TX: January 20 - 24, 2020   Sponsored by Temperature Control Systems, THIS IS AN ASD SPONSORED CLASS! 
  • Minneapolis area, MN: March 9 - 13, 2020   Sponsored by M.O.V. Training Services LLC
  • Boston, MA:  June 22 - 26, 2020  Sponsored by Control Consultants,  THIS IS AN ASD SPONSORED CLASS!